Covers accidents like drops, spills & breaks
Protect any phone on any carrier. New or Used
Deductibles as low as $25.00
Continuous coverage transfers when you upgrade
iPhone Monthly Plan
  • 1 Phone
  • 2+ Phones

Cancel anytime for a refund

Loss/Theft Coverage starts after 45 days.
iPhone Insurance Monthly Payment Plan

Protection against the most common accidents

  • Cracked Screen

  • Liquid Damage

  • Battery Failure

  • Charging Port Failure

  • Audio Failure

  • Loss and Theft

We get your device fixed fast!

All repair options are subject to availability after claim approval.

Local Repair

Get your phone repaired at a local repair shop and we'll quickly reimburse you.

Same Day

Genius Bar ®

Get your apple device repaired at the Genius Bar and we'll reimburse you.

Same Day

Mail-in Repair

Send us your phone and we will have it fixed by a manufacturer certified repair center within 3 days. (We pay for shipping)

3-5 Days

What People Say About Us


Great Service

"This is a service I would HIGHLY recommend! I use this to protect my Apple Watch and know I will never have to worry! Much better than Carrier insurance, Apple Care, or Square Trade!"

- Chris M.


Great Protection Plan

"I have used Esurranty for my phone for years. It is comforting to know I have this protection when needed."

- Connie M.


Was really looking for an alternative...

"Was really looking for an alternative from Asurion and Apple care. After doing some really intensive research I found out about I have been very impressed with the customer service and I would highly recommend them for your phone insurance needs."

- Ivan Brooks Jr.


By far the BEST Company, period!

"I have had policies on my camera, iPhones and iPads for several years. I checked all the competitors and eSurranty is just the best. Every time I've needed customer support or a question they have beenr ight there. You can look around but you won't find a better company, period."

- Bob A.


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